Reduction in working hours and higher wages for employees in private hospitals

Reduction in working hours and higher wages for employees in private hospitals
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The KV salaries and wages will increase by an average of 10.56 percent on July 1, 2023 in connection with a reduction in working hours to 39 weekly working hours, according to a union broadcast. This was preceded by a warning strike and a survey of employees by the union.

“The majority of the employees who took part in the survey accepted the employer’s improved offer,” commented vida-KV chief negotiator Harald Steer on the agreement for the 10,000 employees. The minimum increase for full-time employment is 180 euros. Real wages for part-time workers will increase by 9.56 percent and bonuses by 7.53 percent. The new monthly gross minimum wage is 2,000 euros. In addition to the increase in income as of July 1, 2023, employees will receive a one-off payment of EUR 1,600 net by June 30, 2023, divided over four months.

One-time payment for apprentices

As of July 1, 2023, apprentice salaries will increase to EUR 815 in the first year, EUR 925 in the second, EUR 1,055 in the third and EUR 1,180 in the fourth year. A one-off payment could also be negotiated for apprentices. This amounts to 1,000 euros net, divided over four months.

For the employers gathered in the association of private hospitals in Austria, the negotiations that took place on March 9th at the federal conciliation office, which the employers had initiated after the negotiations had come to a standstill after the vida decision to strike, were jointly responsible for the agreement. In a broadcast, Stephan Günther, General Secretary and KV negotiator of the Association of Private Hospitals, was convinced that this had once again created an objective and constructive basis for discussion.

Günther explained that the KV contract, which was approved by the employer and employee committees, was made possible by extending its validity to 15 months. “For the future, we hope to be able to return to negotiations on an equal footing and with handshake quality, as has been the practice for decades,” he concludes.

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