What will be the next black swan of 2023?

What will be the next black swan of 2023?

after financial turmoil caused by the bankruptcy of several US banks and the panic caused by the sale of Credit Suisseinvestors are now wondering what will be the next ‘black swan’ in the markets.

In stock market terms, a ‘black swan’ is anyone highly improbable event, whose consummation would have enormous disruptive potential in the economyeither through the financial, productive or commercial area.

Thus, as explained by the experts of SingularBankis about historical facts, with generally negative effects, which imply a total paradigm shiftforcing the system to reconfigure itself after an adaptation process

The war in Ukraine, still ongoing, is the last great ‘black swan’ suffered by the markets. But there will be more. Thus, in 2023, some events with the potential to completely divert the course of equities cannot be ruled out. Among these hypothetical events, Singular Bank highlights the following:

Billionaire coalition to change the energy and technology market

Some analyzes point to an alliance of energy and information technology market giants to create a joint fund to finance the next great energy revolution.

Change of wind in the war in Ukraine

Until now, kyiv has withstood the onslaught of the Russian army. However, the achievement of a major strategic achievement by either side would force the other to take drastic measures, leading to a escalation of the conflict. This could lead to even worse consequences than those already suffered by supplies and prices.

Referendum against ‘Brexit’

There is no doubt that ‘Brexit’, despite being consummated, has been opposed by a significant part of British society. the murmur of a public consultation on the return of the United Kingdom to the European Union has not ceased to be heard.

Open challenge to the hegemony of the dollar

There is no shortage of experts who speculate about a alliance between OPEC, China, India, Pakistan and Brazil to recover the Bancor project, reserve monetary unit whose implementation was already proposed in the middle of the 20th century. These countries would reduce their dependence on the dollar, causing a massive depreciation of the US currency.

Limitation of meat production

A country decides to go ahead of the rest and limit the meat industry, with the aim of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. A remote possibility, but not impossible, whose repercussions on the food market would be enormous

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