Works meeting leads to flight cancellations at AUA on Tuesday

Works meeting leads to flight cancellations at AUA on Tuesday


The airline expected a higher double-digit number of cancellations on Monday and asked its passengers to check the website for flight status. The meeting begins at 9 a.m. The union vida left the end of the event open on Monday.

The AUA regretted that adjustments to the flight plan were necessary. “The company is making every effort to keep the impact as low as possible,” said a spokeswoman.

A vida spokeswoman said the duration of the works meeting depended on the information needs of the workforce. “We have an obligation to provide information and will therefore inform the colleagues on the flight crew as best we can about the current status of the KV talks.”

The AUA made its last offer public last Friday. On average, it offers 12.3 percent more salary. The vida did not want to comment on the offer that no KV negotiations were conducted via the media.

The reason for the labor dispute is the high inflation and the recent good result of the AUA. The management board and employee representatives had agreed on a new collective agreement in October. However, the union and works council then called for the conclusion to be improved. According to AUA, ten rounds of negotiations have taken place since then, so far without agreement.

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