Rewe: Because of inflation, customers buy more from Penny and less from Billa

Rewe: Because of inflation, customers buy more from Penny and less from Billa
Billa and Billa Plus achieved a sales increase of 2.9 percent in the previous year.
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The retail group Rewe has 2022 at its discount subsidiary penny achieved a sales increase of 9.2 percent in Austria billa and Billa Plus it was 2.9 percent. In international business, Penny even increased by 16.9 percent. The strong growth is also characterized by inflation, but to a large extent it is confirmation that a lot is being done correctly, according to the Management Board.

food and non-alcoholic beverages were almost 11 percent more expensive in Austria last year, and according to the company, the Rewe product range inflation was 8.5 percent. Rewe invested in stabilizing sales prices, sharpened the campaign and discount program and Discount stamp “clever” expanded by 12 percent, said Rewe Austria boss Marcel Haraszti, according to a statement. The Executive Board will explain the financial year in a press conference at noon.

Rewe stayed behind Spar

In 2022 as a whole, sales in the domestic food trade increased by 4.9 percent. In Austria, Rewe achieved a 4.6 percent increase in gross sales of food. The retailer grew a little less than Competitor Spar (+4.7 percent) and also lagged behind Spar (36.3 percent) in terms of market share with 33.7 percent. The specialist magazine “Key Account” recently reported on the figures with reference to NielsenIQ data.

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The self-employed ADEG-Merchants, including the wholesale business, generated an increase in turnover of 3.4 percent. For the drugstore chain bipa the group announced a sales increase of 7.5 percent. “The strategic focus on even more sustainability in the range, but also the extensive soft health range are very well received by our customers,” says Haraszti. The tourism subsidiary was affected by the strong recovery in the travel market after Corona Rewe Austria Tourism 2022 for a growth of 175.8 percent.

Almost 3000 vacancies in Austria

Rewe’s total gross sales in Austria (retail and tourism) rose by 5.8 percent to EUR 9.57 billion in the past financial year. The number of employees increased by 1,280 to 46,556. The lack of staff is also a problem for the retailer, who currently has almost 3,000 vacancies in Austria alone.

In the international business controlled from Austria with almost 92,000 employees, revenues rose by 10.2 percent to 17.30 billion euros. Here, too, Penny developed better than Billa. Penny International, represented in Austria, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania, increased sales by 16.9 percent to EUR 6.55 billion. Billa in Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and Iki in Lithuania increased by 11.5 percent to EUR 3.47 billion.

Animal welfare and vegan products

The group wants to invest a total of EUR 1 billion this year, EUR 460 million in Austria. The ranges for animal welfare and the purely plant-based range are to be expanded.

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