forecast new abundant rainfall in the pampean region

forecast new abundant rainfall in the pampean region

The rains will add to the 20 to 150 millimeters of water that have already fallen in the center of the country since the middle of the month, according to the Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR). which on Tuesday announced that “Argentina’s worst drought in at least the last 60 years has come to an end.”

Within the next seven days “a slow frontal passage will take place, which will produce abundant rainfall over the northwest and center-east of the agricultural area”, The BdeC pointed out in its weekly agroclimatic report, adding that it forecasts rains of between 10 and 75 millimeters.

A specialist had anticipated to Reuters in mid-March that, with the The end of the La Niña climatic phenomenon and the transition to austral autumn – which began on March 21 – would begin the normalization of the rainfall pattern in Argentina.

Although the precipitations arrived late for soybeans and corn, whose yields are already largely defined, they did They are very favorable for the 2023/24 wheat, whose sowing will begin at the end of May and which needs to continue replenishing moisture levels in the soil.

Last week the BdeC said it may have to further cut its already very low 2022/23 soybean crop estimate of 25 million tonnes. With that figure, grain production would be the lowest in 23 years. In the 21/22 season, Argentine soybean production was 43.3 million tons.

Source: Ambito

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