How much will the military charge from April, charge by charge?

How much will the military charge from April, charge by charge?

According to one of the latest announcements made by the national government, the military would earn 40% at the end of the year. Find out more.

The holders of the wallets Defending and of Economy, Jorge Taiana and Sergio Massain the company of the heads of the Armed forcesthey announced this Monday March 27 the new ones increases that will be in the salaries and pensions of the personnel of the Armed Forces (FFAA) of Argentina.

This wage increase, valued at around 40% of increaseis promulgated within the framework of the decision of the National government to support a staggered salary organization that “responds to the capacity, responsibility and dedication of the men and women of the Armed Forces who defend national sovereignty”, according to official sources.


Increase in salaries of military personnel: what will they be like this 2023

“The first tranche of the increase will be 14%together with the increase in the salary guideline of the National Public Administration. The second tranche will take place in July, with another 14% and then, finally, upload another 12% in November. In this way it would culminate in 2023 with 40% salary hierarchy”according to Taiana.

While, the economy minister expressed that, from the Government, they are sure that “this step of hierarchy is a recognition of a debt that he State had with each of our three forces and constitutes one more milestone in the idea of ​​returning to our society tranquility and certainty what we have Armed forces professionals, trained and recognized not only socially, but from the salary and professional point of view”.


Sergio Massa and Jorge Taiana.

Sergio Massa and Jorge Taiana.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that, in the opening speech of ordinary sessions in the National Congress on March 1, the president Fernandez he claimed: “We have advanced incorporating into the salaries of the Armed forces what used to be sums non-remunerativeequating those salaries to the salaries that members of the federal security forces receive today”.

Charge for charge: how much will the military charge this 2023?

According to latest salary updatethe salary of each position of the three armed forces would be as follows:

  • Lieutenant General; Admiral and Brigadier General: $539,450.
  • Major General; Vice Admiral and Brigadier Major: $481,071
  • Brigadier General; Rear Admiral and Brigadier: $438,304
  • Colonel; Ship Captain and Commodore: $383,916
  • Lieutenant colonel; Commander of the Frigate and Vice Commodore: $333,796
  • Major and Lieutenant Commander: $262,976
  • Ship Captain and Lieutenant: $217,796
  • First lieutenant; Frigate Lieutenant and First Lieutenant: $193,717
  • Lieutenant and Corvette Lieutenant: $174,642
  • second lieutenant; Midshipman and Ensign: $158,168
  • Chief Petty Officer: $269,725
  • Chief Petty Officer: $239,117
  • Assistant Sergeant; First Petty Officer and Assistant Petty Officer: $211,981
  • First sergeant; Second Warrant Officer and Auxiliary Warrant Officer: $186,461
  • Sergeant and Principal Corporal: $167,400
  • Corporal First: $150,231
  • Cape and Second Cape: $139,048
  • Volunteer 1st and Sailor 1st: $126,654
  • Volunteer 2nd and Sailor 2nd: $117,206

Source: Ambito

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