Training : More men become hairdressers, more women become farmers

Training : More men become hairdressers, more women become farmers

In the past ten years, gender roles in career choices have changed to some extent, as current statistics show.

The preferences of women and men for gender-specific training occupations have partially shifted in recent years. More and more women are starting an apprenticeship as farmers, while more and more men are learning the hairdressing trade.

Between 2011 and 2021, the proportion of women in training contracts in agriculture rose from 12 to 22 percent, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office on the occasion of Girls’ and Boys’ Day (April 27). In total, around 900 women signed an apprenticeship contract to become farmers in 2021. In 2011 there were a good 400 women.

At the wheel of trucks, the proportion of prospective professional drivers rose from 4 to 11 percent. Conversely, the proportion of men in the hairdressing trade increased. In 2021, almost 2,100 men signed an apprenticeship contract for the traditionally female-dominated apprenticeship. This increased the share to 32 percent for new contracts. In 2011, there were only 11 percent with around 1,400 men.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, significantly more men than women complete vocational training in the dual system. Of the almost 466,200 new contracts in 2021, 64 percent were signed by men.

“It’s nice that things are moving and that more young women and men are making a career choice far removed from gender stereotypes,” said Elke Hannack, deputy chairwoman of the German Trade Union Confederation. Nevertheless, the proportion of women in the newly concluded training contracts remains “terrifyingly low”, which is why employers must become more attractive to young women.

Source: Stern

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