Add more products to the agricultural dollar

Add more products to the agricultural dollar

The Ministry of Economy included yerba mate and goat meat in the list of products of the regional economies reached by the Export Increase Program (PIE)which establishes a temporary differential exchange rate of $300 per dollar until October 31, through resolution 162/2023 published today in the Official bulletin.

It highlighted that “through these stimulus programs, it seeks to promote territorial roots, added value, industrialization at source and the increase in exports through harmonious socioeconomic development, among the different links of the supply chains.” value of regional economies”.

He also stressed that the heterogeneity in productivity, insertion in the world and the productive matrix of the different chains are “especially relevant in determining the scope of this measure.”

Last week, the economy announced the entry of sorghum, feed barley, sunflowers and their main derivatives, such as oil and flour, products derived from vegetable chains (fresh, frozen and preserved), animal feed preparations, fresh fruits and its derivative products; sheep meat, brans and sharps from cereal milling, vegetable seeds and other species.

Previously, it incorporated more than twenty productions of regional economiesbeing the main complexes incorporated the winegrowing, olive growing, beekeeping, fishing, forestry-industrial, wool, legumes, garlic, tea, peanuts, tobacco, lemon, plum, popcorn, fine fruits, nuts, confectionery sunflower, tangerines, oranges, rice, blueberries, pears and apples, onion, kiwi, grapefruit, among others.

The requirements for all the products of the regional economies that must be met by those interested in accessing the benefits of the program are to have exported the goods at some point in the 18 months immediately prior to the entry into force of Decree 194, as well as to assume the commitment to maintain or increase the number of jobs.

They must also commit to supplying the local market with these goods, having to maintain or increase the supply volumes that they register in the 18 months prior to the validity of the aforementioned decree.

Finally, they will have to comply with the Fair Prices program or the price agreements for the local market established by the Ministry of Commerce.

Source: Ambito

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