Increase in current and capital expenditures for $44,791 million is authorized

Increase in current and capital expenditures for $44,791 million is authorized

The government authorized the increase in current and capital expenditures for $44,791.5 million, within the framework of a modification to the 2023 Budget that includes, among its main aspects, the payment of the extraordinary subsidy of $15,000 in March, April, and May, as well as tasks related to holding open, simultaneous primaries and obligatory (PASO) and the general elections.

The reallocation of resources was formalized through Administrative Decision 356/2023 published today in the Official Gazette, and which in three annexes, one of 312 pages, details increases and cuts in spending throughout the Executive Branch, in addition to allocating $5,090 million to the Council of the Magistracy, of the Judiciary.

Likewise, various transfers of officials between jurisdictions, spending on equipment and the transfer of the Undersecretary of Communication and Broadcast Content are contemplated, which is no longer in the orbit of the Secretary of Media and Public Communication of the Chief of Staff to pass to the Secretary of Communication and Press of the Presidency.

An annex is also included with the contracting of works with an impact on future years, in compliance with the provisions of the Financial Administration Law.

The increase in spending could have been approximately $250,000 million if there had not been a cut in the jurisdiction Treasury Obligations of $204,489,026,677 “destined for transfers to provinces within the framework of various agreements signed between them and the National State “, explained the administrative decision in its recitals.

The credits of the General Secretariat of the Presidency are increased by $3,197,856,710 “in order to comply with the needs of the operation and maintenance of the Presidential Aircraft Fleet, as well as to finance the Restoration and Commissioning works in Value of Facades of the Government House and Remodeling of the Government House”, specified the measure.

The expenses of the National Social Security Administration (Anses) and the National Agency for Disability are increased by $114,010,240,000 and $32,449,055,283, respectively, for the attention of the obligations derived from the payment of the extraordinary subsidy of $15,000 in March, April and May, as provided in Decree 105/2023.

The expenses of the cooperation agreement between the pension agency and the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) must also be addressed to “promote and guarantee indigenous communities and areas in a situation of social vulnerability the full enjoyment and exercise of their rights to social security.”

On the other hand, a series of organizations (Nuclear Regulatory Authority, National Registry of Persons, National Directorate of Migrations, Financial Information Unit, Mariano Moreno National Library) had an authorization to increase spending, financed with resources from different sources.

In the case of the Chancellery, The budget is increased by $4,762,457,995 to cover “operating expenses of the headquarters and offices abroad, expenses related to the exercise of the Pro Tempore Presidency of Mercosur and transfers to the Argentine Foundation for the Promotion of Investments and International Trade”.

The expenses of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports are increased by $3,519,820,516, partly for “the attention to promotional actions corresponding to the 2023 IndyCar Championship, which takes place in the United States and to the Financial Technical Cooperation Agreement for the realization of the Grand Prix of the Argentine Republic of Moto GP”.

$10,225,296,021 are allocated to the Ministry of Public Works for the construction of Modular Health Centers and the payment of court rulings from the National Highway Administration, which will also have to pay for work certifications.

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