Traffic: Deutsche Bahn stops Clevershuttle financing

Traffic: Deutsche Bahn stops Clevershuttle financing

The driving service provider Clevershuttle withdrew from larger cities years ago. Now comes the insolvency, the operational regional companies are not affected.

Deutsche Bahn has stopped financing the Clevershuttle service provider. The parent company GHT Mobility therefore had to file for bankruptcy, Clevershuttle announced on Wednesday. Deutsche Bahn is currently the majority owner of the company with 86 percent. The state-owned group confirmed the move on Wednesday. “There was no joint financing solution with the co-owners,” said a railway spokesman.

The operational regional companies are not affected by the insolvency, Clevershuttle said. All “operated traffic will continue until further notice”.

The Berlin start-up originally started as a so-called ride pooling service. Customers could use the app to book a shared taxi, and other passengers were then collected along the way. A computer program calculated the most efficient route.

The company withdrew from larger cities such as Berlin and Munich a few years ago. Ultimately, Clevershuttle gave up the private sector business completely and is now only on the road as a dial-a-bus service on behalf of municipalities and districts as a supplement to public transport.

“We plan to secure jobs and continue our traffic,” said co-founder Bruno Ginnuth on Wednesday. There are already initial talks with potential investors. Deutsche Bahn emphasized that, despite the withdrawal, it would stick to flexible offers such as on-demand buses and want to “drive them forward more on its own and in cooperation with regional partners”.

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