The basic food basket for celiacs is 26% more expensive than the one that contains gluten

The basic food basket for celiacs is 26% more expensive than the one that contains gluten

under the International Celiac Daywhich is celebrated every May 5 worldwide, the Ombudsman of the province of Córdoba revealed that the Basic Food Basket (CBA) for this group increased 115.43% year-on-year in April. This means that a person with celiac disease needs at least $33,232 to implement a gluten free diet.

The CBA, which determines the minimum income In order to cover the kilocalorie and nutritional requirements, it had a increase of 7.73% compared to March of this year. It includes natural food such as milk, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, tubers, legumes, cereals and pseudocereals without TACC, such as rice, corn, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and its derivatives, which are part of a Healthy life.

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Ombudsman of the Province of Córdoba

These products historically had a higher price in Argentina. Among her reasons, the president of the Argentine Celiac Association Mariana Holgado differentiated conventional products from specific ones. “To make bread, you only need flour and water. Instead, we need a premix made up of various starches, corn and cassava starch, rice flour, ingredients that give it elasticity and sponginess, among others. We start from the base that it is not the same”, he details.

In addition, highlighted the scope of production and packaging: “All the costs involved in manufacturing food fall on fewer units. In addition, we receive much of what is normally wrapped in boxes and plastic bags to protect the product.” In closing, he detailed the role small businesses play in selling, such as dietetics and neighborhood stores they create their own chain of intermediaries.

Basic basket of celiac foods

He Statistics Institute of the Ombudsman (INEDEP) promoted the creation of this in August 2014, in order to know the extra expenses that a celiac person and a family with a celiac member must face before the others products that are sold in the market.

In this case, the composition of the CBA surveyed by INDEC was adopted to determine it. That is, both the products and the monthly consumption suggested by the official body were taken.

Among those selected, were taken into account 49 items grouped into five categories:

  • Meats (28.19%)
  • Fruits and vegetables (19.12%)
  • Flours and legumes (34.71%)
  • Eggs and dairy (10.40%)
  • Others (7.57%)

Of these, 22 coincide with those that are aimed at healthy peoplewhile 27 must have the official seal without TACC.

Celiac basket.pdf

Ombudsman of the Province of Córdoba

Among the adaptations that celiacs must make to their diet, they often have to make their own bread. Along these lines, home production cost $778.98 last month. That is, 97.97% ($385.50) more than the average price of a kilo of French bread. Its reason: the interannual increase of the premix (125.41%).

Celiac breakfast.pdf

Ombudsman of the Province of Córdoba


It is a systemic and autoimmune pathologytriggered by gluten, which is a pprotein found naturally in wheat, rye, and barley, among othersand that affects individuals genetically predisposed to suffer from it.

Although it can be unleashed asymptomatically, digestive disorders such as diarrhea, abdominal pain or bloating, nausea, vomiting, constipation, even iron deficiency anemia, chronic fatigue and even sterility or infertility can be noted.

To prevent this from happening, the only effective treatment that must be strictly and permanently adhered to throughout life is to respect the type of food.

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Flours and legumes concentrate most of the products that celiacs must replace in their diet

The Government reports that 1 in 167 adults are intolerant to glutenwhile in childhood the percentage is even higher (1 in 79).

For his part, 80% of industrially processed foods in the country contain gluten. Even those that do not contain it can come into contact with it at some point during its preparation and lead to cross-contamination.

Fair Prices

The state program, which seeks to stabilize prices until June, includes only 19 products without TACC.

Fair Prices.png

Clipping of the list of celiac products

Clipping of the list of celiac products

Sofia Herrera

Celiac Disease Law

On April 26, the regulation No. 26,588 in the Official Gazette, which determines the following points of national interest:

  1. Medical attention
  2. Clinical and epidemiological research
  3. Professional training in early detection
  4. Diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease,
  5. Diffusion
  6. Access to gluten-free food and medicines

Besides, gastronomic institutions and establishments they must offer from now on menus that are suitable.

celiac pasta.jpg

Health professionals indicate an adequate and balanced diet for celiac disease

Health professionals indicate an adequate and balanced diet for celiac disease

Decree 218/2023, signed by Carla Vizzotti, Agustín Rossi and Alberto Fernández, also implied a increase in the amount that cover the social and prepaid works for this sector. The cost will go from $2,672 to $7,806.73, and will be updated every six months. In this way, patients will be able to carry out controls in hospitals, as well as buy different flours and pre-mixes.

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