Energy: Spain is to become an important hydrogen supplier for Germany

Energy: Spain is to become an important hydrogen supplier for Germany

Green hydrogen is considered the climate-neutral energy source of the future. Germany has a great need, especially for industry and transport. But domestic production is not enough.

According to experts and the federal government, Spain will develop into one of the most important suppliers of green hydrogen after Germany in the coming years.

The hydrogen produced from renewable energies such as wind and sun is primarily intended to enable the decarbonization of industry and certain areas of the transport sector, as explained by the industry association Zukunft Gas. The need in Germany is huge. By 2030, experts assume that at least 1.5 million tons of green hydrogen will be needed annually.

Such quantities cannot only be produced in Germany. “In the long term, significant amounts of hydrogen will have to be imported to Germany, since the production of green hydrogen in Germany is naturally limited,” the ministry wrote on request. The ministry estimates that around 50 to 70 percent of the quantities required in the future will have to be imported.

Which countries also supply green hydrogen

In addition to Spain, whose production potential is estimated at up to three million tons in 2030, Australia, Chile, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Ukraine are also considered future suppliers of green hydrogen. “These countries have a high potential for the use of renewable energy sources and could generate the green electricity for hydrogen production at very low costs,” the industry association is convinced.

However, the first pilot plants are still a long way from the expected production volumes. For example, a new plant of the Spanish power producer Iberdrola in the city of Puertollano produces just 3,000 tons of hydrogen per year using solar power. For comparison: A future Thyssenkrupp Steel plant for the production of climate-friendly steel in Duisburg would require around 130,000 tons of the green hydrogen.

Source: Stern

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