Bonds in dollars fell to 2.8% and the Merval lost 2.5%

Bonds in dollars fell to 2.8% and the Merval lost 2.5%

Bonds and stocks traded lower yesterday. While the market kept its eye on the evolution of the financial exchange rate, sovereign hard currency securities ended mostly in negative territory, with falls led by Global 2035 (2.8%), Bonar 2029 (1.7% ) and Bonar 2041 (1.2%). On the other hand, the Global 2046 (1.2%), Bonar 2038 (0.7%) and Bonar 2035 (0.2%) closed with increases. The country-risk rose 0.2% to 2,572 units.

After climbing almost 22% in April, the S&P Merval posted its third consecutive drop, losing 2.5%, to 281,752.49 points, in a place that was affected by the global negative trend due to an increase in aversion to the risk. In the first three days of May, the leading panel accumulated a decrease of 5.4%.

The shares that fell the most were those of Aluar (7.8%), Ternium (6.8%) and BYMA (2.6%). Meanwhile, the only shares that rose were those of Cresud (6.2%) and Comercial del Plata (0.3%).

For their part, the papers of Argentine companies listed on Wall Street posted falls of up to more than 5%.

The podium with the highest casualties was made up of Mercado Libre (5.2%), Despegar (4.2%) and Grupo Financiero Galicia (3.3%).

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