A court ruling prevented the importation of luxury cars via precautionary measures

A court ruling prevented the importation of luxury cars via precautionary measures

The firm sought to import vehicles bypassing controls and obtaining dollars at the official value. The Court rejected the precautionary measure presented.


He Federal Administrative Litigation Court No. 6 rejected one precautionary presented by the firm Modena Auto Sportsowned by the entrepreneur Malek Farahwho intended skip controls and get dollars at the official value for import luxury cars.

As reported, the National Customs Administration there was suspended to Modena Auto Sports of the Register of Importers and Exportersto present invoices with inconsistencies.


The measure was issued for a period of 45 daysafter having detected fraudulent maneuvers in various import operations, in which the indicated values ​​would have been higher than declared on importation into the country. The illegal activity gave rise to numerous court cases before him Economic Criminal jurisdiction.


The legal route

On the other hand, the agency had initiated a disciplinary summary which ended in the adoption of urgent measures in shelter of the customs service security and of his fiscal income considering that, if a conviction is eventually handed down, it would be before the possible application of a minimum fine of almost US$70 million.

In this context, the judge ruled “reject the precautionary measure requested by Modena Auto Sport SA”within the framework of file 62292/2022giving a strong endorsement to Import System of the Argentine Republic (SIRA).

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“Currency cannot be allocated to companies that they try to bypass the controls To import luxury cars and mock the customs service“, remarked the owner of the Customs, William Michelas well as highlighted the responsible attitude of the federal justice.

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