Energy: FDP parliamentary group leader: Heating law could also start later

Energy: FDP parliamentary group leader: Heating law could also start later

The law on heating replacement that has already been passed by the federal cabinet is supposed to take effect from 2024. But now the FDP is also bringing a postponement of the date into play.

In the opinion of FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr, a later start date than 2024 is also conceivable for the controversial law on heating replacement. “We will not pass any law that leaves questions unanswered,” Dürr told the Funke Group newspapers (Tuesday). As an example, he cited the openness to technology when choosing the heat source after replacing a heating system. The central question is not when the law will come into force, but “that it works and can be implemented on site by the public utilities and suppliers”.

The energy policy spokeswoman for the SPD parliamentary group, Nina Scheer, emphasized that her party would insist on fair and adequate structuring of the subsidies during the consultations. “The deliberations will show whether this will also have an impact on the schedule.”

The energy policy spokesman for the Liberals in the Bundestag, Michael Kruse, had also emphasized that thoroughness came before speed. Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) indicated at the weekend that he would not necessarily stick to the fact that the new building energy law will take effect from next year.

The SME and Economic Union of the CDU and CSU called on the traffic light coalition to withdraw the amendment to the Building Energy Act. “The building energy law must be completely revised,” said MIT boss Gitta Connemann of the “Rheinische Post”. “It contains a mass of technical deficiencies that can no longer be corrected.”

According to the draft law passed by the Federal Cabinet, from 2024 every newly installed heating system should be operated with 65 percent renewable energy. This is intended to herald the departure from gas and oil heating systems.

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