Hummer: “Working 30 hours doesn’t solve problems”

Hummer: “Working 30 hours doesn’t solve problems”
Upper Austria’s Chamber of Commerce President Doris Hummer
Image: Photo: Wakolbinger

Maintaining the level of prosperity and social welfare in Austria in the coming years and at the same time working less will not be an option, said Hummer today, Tuesday, at a press conference in Linz.

For companies, the shortage of workers is already the biggest stumbling block, and the problem will worsen in the next few years when the baby boomer generation retires and fewer young people follow. According to forecasts by the research institutes Wifo and Synthesis, there will be a gap of 363,000 people in 2040 between the supply and demand for labour.

Reduced working hours with full wage compensation is a “fire accelerator”

Hummer criticized that it was not possible to fill this gap with proposals such as reducing working hours with full wage compensation or demanding higher unemployment benefits. “If everyone only works 30 hours, that doesn’t solve any problems.” Reduced working hours with full wage compensation is a “fire accelerator” and puts pressure on employees who are already at the limit, and the demand for higher unemployment benefits further entrenches unemployment. However, there is nothing to be said against more flexible working time models, and companies are also called upon to do so.

Hummer and Chamber of Commerce Director Gerald Silberhumer called on politicians to provide more incentives to get and keep people in employment. This includes better childcare, tax deductibility of childcare costs, a reduction in non-wage labor costs for older employees and those who want to continue working after their actual retirement age, making overtime more attractive and further developing the Red-White-Red Card to attract more international workers to the country pick up.

The Chamber of Commerce intends to present the demands in a nationwide information campaign. Local company representatives serve as testimonials.

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