Retail: Consumers are increasingly turning to Fairtrade production

Retail: Consumers are increasingly turning to Fairtrade production

Social responsibility when shopping is becoming more important to consumers, as the figures from Fairtrade Germany show. However, sales of the product in the portfolio with the highest sales declined, of all things.

The demand for fair trade products in supermarkets and restaurants continues to increase. Sales of Fairtrade goods increased last year by around eleven percent to 2.36 billion euros, as reported by the Fairtrade Germany association in Berlin. Adjusted for price increases, growth of around five percent remains, said Fairtrade board member Claudia Brück. “We see it both in sales and in sales.”

The Fairtrade association ensures that producers are paid a premium intended for future investments in addition to a minimum price that covers production costs. In total, an additional 44 million euros flowed to farmers last year. Fairtrade products can be identified in retail by the corresponding seal on the packaging.

However, not all products benefited from the rising demand. Sales of coffee in particular fell by almost two percent to 24,000 tons last year. It is the top-selling product in the Fairtrade portfolio. Starting in August, higher minimum prices will come into effect for coffee in order to compensate for the sharp rise in production costs in the countries of origin.

“At the moment we are moving at the level of the world market prices, so that this increase is in line with the market,” emphasized Brück. “Should the world market price fall, we hope that both buyers and consumers will continue to show solidarity.”

The association recorded rising sales of fairly traded bananas and cocoa last year. The proportion of Fairtrade bananas on the German market is now around 16 percent, it said.

Source: Stern

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