what are the best selling thermos for mate

what are the best selling thermos for mate

The Hot Sale 2023 began at 0 on Sunday and will last until midnight next Wednesday. Thermoses got on the podium of best-selling items, which are the best models.

He Hot Sale 2023 started with everything and on the first day a sales record was registered with more than $2,500 million. He Average ticket it is above year-on-year inflation, reflecting higher consumption despite the economic situation.

On the second day of the country’s largest e-commerce event, an astonishing record was recorded. The sales of thermoses, for mate or to hydrate during physical activity, marked a shopping boom of thousands of users. So much so that they slipped into the podium of the best-selling products of the 2023 edition of Hot Sale.

According to official data from the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), the items of clothing, shoes and technology are the most popular. In this edition, thermoses were added, one of the products that Argentines use the most on a day-to-day basis.

We tell you which are the thermoses with the best price, with special promotions and discounts, depending on the need. From the classic “termo matero” to the versatile thermos bottles for everyday use in the gym or office.

1. Lusqtoff 1L stainless steel thermos

classic thermos lusqtoff.jpg

  • Characteristics:
  • Maintains hot water for 20 hours
  • Maintains cold water for 20 hours
  • Includes primer cap for mate
  • Brand: Lusqtoff
  • Model: TL1-9N
  • Colour: black
  • Holds 4 days of ice.
  • Leak proof and convenient to load.
  • Metal lid plastic cap
  • BPA free
  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • Hot Sale price: $15,215

2. Ecovessel Summit stainless steel thermos 700ml Aqua Breeze

thermos sport aqua freeze.jpg


  • Keeps drinks cold and fresh for up to 36 hours
  • Easy to hold, ergonomic shape
  • Practical and comfortable folding spout
  • Tilt-Free Drink with Silicone Straw
  • Soft-touch carry handle
  • Silicone protective bumper
  • No BPA, no phthalates, no coatings
  • Interchangeable with BOULDER and PERK cap
  • Capacity: 700ml
  • Hot Sale Price: $18,152

3. Stanley brand classic 1.4 Lt stainless steel thermos

thermos stanley classic.jpg


  • 1.4Lt capacity
  • Stainless steel
  • The internal vacuum system allows the preservation of the temperature of your drink, eliminating the changes that may occur over the hours.
  • Black, green and red colors
  • Keeps contents cold for 45 hours
  • Keeps content hot for 40 hours
  • Lid opening system: Screw
  • With lid suitable for use as a cup: Yes
  • Does not include matero/primer spout
  • Hot Sale Price: $48,720

4. Thermos Boulder stainless steel Trimax 500ml with infuser

trimax stainless thermos.jpg


  • Reflecta insulated lid ensures drinks don’t touch plastic
  • Tea, fruit and ice infuser to infuse flavor into your drinks and ice blocks
  • Silicone lip for comfortable drinking.
  • Strong and flexible strap
  • 100 year guarantee
  • Capacity: 590ml
  • Hot Sale Price: $15,992

5. Stainless Steel Thermos and Mate Discovery Mate Kit with Bombilla

special matt thermos discovery.webp


  • Discovery thermoses are famous throughout the world for their excellent quality and manufacturing, they come in various colors according to your choice, they are not oversized and are very comfortable to transport!
  • Colors: Black / White
  • Thermos: capacity 1.3 liters
  • Screw feeder nozzle
  • Keeps cold and heat for 24 hours
  • presentation in box
  • Matte: height of 11.5 cm and diameter of 8 cm
  • Includes bulb
  • Includes Lid with silicone internal
  • 350ml capacity
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Hot Sale Price: $26,999

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