How will the increase in electricity and gas impact the bills?

How will the increase in electricity and gas impact the bills?

The new tariff schedule for the different categories of consumers for the services of electric power and gas was established today with the publication in the Official Gazette of the latest resolutions of the Ministry of Energy.

Level 1 is the high-income segment and includes households in which the sum of income of all its members is above $669,298. For this universe, electricity subsidies were canceled in all the different stages of the chain and from May 1 they will pay the full rate.

According to official calculations, there are 5 million homes in this condition, a figure that is deduced between the universe of homes with electricity and those that did not register in the registry to maintain the subsidies.

However, it is estimated that a portion of households that receive the subsidy also live in this last group but, for various reasons, were not registered in the Registry of Access to Electric Power (RASE), which is still open. .

Level 3: homes with incomes below $669,298 were classified as Level 3 and are estimated to include 5.4 million homes. to this segment, In the case of the electricity tariff, the subsidy is maintained, but up to a consumption of 400 Kwh per month.

Consumption above that limit must be paid at full rate, as in Level 1. For example: if they consume 450 Kwh, 400 Kwh are paid with a subsidy and 50 Kwh at full rate. Level 2 corresponds to the beneficiaries of the Social Tariff who will maintain the subsidies and the adjustment in the bills will be of the order of 14%.

According to estimates based on past consumption, a Level 1 household that last year consumed 300 kWh paid a bill of approximately $1,320, before taxes. In April 2023, he paid close to $4,000 and from May a bill of approximately $8,000 will arrive. For a Level 3 user -middle income- the same bill of $1,320 will become about $2,200.

Tariffs: how the increase in gas bills will impact

In the case of gas tariffs, the calculation is more complex because the country was divided into different regions.

According to the Ministry of Energy, there are 9.2 million natural gas users, of which 3.5 million were registered as high-income at Level 1. All subsidies have already been removed from this group.

Some 2.3 million remained in Level 3 corresponding to the middle class and 3.4 million will remain with the social rate.

According to specialist projections, the average consumption in the AMBA is 950 m3 per year and the winter bill would average $5,700 for higher-income households.

For Level 3, the ticket would have an approximate value of $4,300, while Social Rate beneficiaries would pay in the order of $2,700.

Source: Ambito

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