The Government announced a 21% increase and a bonus for three months

The Government announced a 21% increase and a bonus for three months

Increase for Retirements, Pensions and Allowances – June 2023

In the conference, Massa introduced, explaining that “as every 90 days, today we have the responsibility of announcing mobility for retirees and pensioners, as well as beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and family allowancesunderstanding that it is a measure that impacts more than 17 million people“.

In this sense, he highlighted “the effort that the Argentine State is making to guarantee a better quality of life for retirees and pensioners, but also for our workers in what is the system of family allowances and AUH”. “We made the decision to once again guarantee additional reinforcement with a investment of $252,050 million for the next quarter,” he added.

The retirees and retirees of the minimum are going to be receiving, together with the retirement and the half Christmas bonus, a reinforcement in the next three months, as they have been doing over the last few months, understanding that our responsibility is to guarantee the validity of the formula and also to strengthen the income to improve the situation against inflation of retirees and workers,” Massa explained. .

The Economy Minister explained that “throughout the year, the increase for minimum retirees has been 130% year-on-year. In real terms, income recovery has been 7%”. “In the case of family allowances and AUHs, a minimum floor of $13,864 is established“, accurate.

Finally, he held that retirees require that “the State comply with and that the State is close to them, making the greatest possible effort in terms of public investment with the Social Security Funds and -as we are going to do in the coming months- with treasury assistance additional to ensure that the income is stronger.

When it’s time to speak, fernanda raverta pointed out that the beneficiaries “they will receive an increase in their income of 20.92% for the mobility formula” and assured that “those retirees who have up to two minimums will have a boost in their income.”

“The retirees of the minimum are going to have an additional bonus to the increase 21% for mobility, $15,000 in the month of June, $17,000 in the month of July and $20,000 in the month of August. This bonus is going to decrease up to $5,000 for those who have up to two minimum retirements,” announced the head of the ANSES.

In conclusion, the official indicated that “the retirees of the minimum are going to have as income in their pockets $121,407 between increase due to mobility, reinforcement in their income and the average Christmas bonus”. “84% of retirees have up to two minimumsso we are talking about reinforcement for 6,100,000 people,” he calculated.

last february ANSES officialized the last increase, which was a 17.04%and took the minimum retirement until the $58,665.12since the $50,124. The new rise is expected to be in the order of twenty%so that the minimum credit would increase around $70,000without taking into account extra bonuses.

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