Customs will ask to cross-link calls for irregular maneuvers

Customs will ask to cross-link calls for irregular maneuvers

William Michel

The general director of Customs, Guillermo Michel, affirmed that, in the framework of the case that is investigating financial entities for irregular maneuvers in foreign trade operations, the agency, in its capacity as complainant, will request “the interweaving of calls from foreign trade account executives of each bank”, as well as “the collaboration of the United States laundering unit to reach the effective beneficiaries of the accounts”.

In radio statements, Michel indicated that the raids on about twenty banks carried out on Tuesday were carried out by order of Judge Pablo Yadarola, with the collaboration of prosecutor Emilio Gerberoff.

“20 financial entities were raided seeking information on more than 233 bank transfers for more than 5.3 million dollars related to import operations with apocryphal documentation,” the official said.

In this sense, he advanced: “Customs is a complainant in the case and, in addition to requesting the collaboration of the United States Laundering Unit to reach the beneficial owners of the accounts, it will request the intertwining of calls from the executives of foreign trade account of each bank, because we understand that many unfaithful employees are involved”.

In the file that is being processed in the court in charge of Pablo Yadarola, 20 financial entities from the downtown area of ​​Buenos Aires are being investigated for alleged irregular operations of foreign trade, purchase and sale and currency transfers carried out by 46 companies and 13 individuals, for more than US$5 ,3 millions.

According to Michel, it was “a currency transfer to foreign companies based in the United States to get those dollars at official value and resell them in the blue market for a profit.” In addition, they specified that the agency detected that “false companies use the exchange gap to access foreign currency at the official dollar value; they transfer them with apocryphal documentation to companies that these same people have abroad, mainly in the State of Florida (United States), the famous LLCs”.

“This is how they make dollars at official value and then bring them into the country to sell them on the blue market and make a profit,” argued Michel.

He also commented that “since last October 17, the SIRA import system incorporated the Single Foreign Trade Current Account”, and said that “this cannot continue to be done because there is a data crossing every time you turn abroad by the AFIP systems”.

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