Concern about the supply of fertilizers and the impact on the harvest

Concern about the supply of fertilizers and the impact on the harvest

The humidity deficit continues to start the campaign. Work in Rosario, sounding board for all concerns. Complaints for delays of the AFIP for the Emergency. Environmental issues are already affecting trade.

… that the next 50 days are crucial for the result of the 23/24 harvest that is beginning, both due to the climate and the amount of fertilizers used. And, in the case of wheat, which is already starting, it is known that only the southern portion of the Humid Pampa received some rainfall, while the center and north continue to be deficient. But the supply of fertilizer is something else. “We could recover 8%-10% of what was lowered last year, but without reaching the record of 5.8 million tons in 2021,” explained Roberto Rotondaro, president of Fertilizar. He added that “the input-output relationship is also favourable, because input prices fell.” However, the dark clouds come from the import side, where 60% of purchases are still missing. “Each kilo of fertilizer is 8 to 10 extra kilos of grain, and that is the calculation, what must be done, how much do we want to export?” asked Rotondaro, before giving two key facts: a) that the Chinese swap (already active ) is turning to agrochemicals, and (b) that there may be a certain recovery of fertility due to the nutrients that were left available, due to the lower production due to the dry season, and that they are still in the porreros.

… that “Is the environmental problem a commercial tool?” Started the specialist Ernesto Viglizzo to differentiate China’s scheme from that of the European Unionduring the recent Seminar of the Producir Conservando Foundation. “While the Asian giant tries to solve its internal problem, so it tends to buy food in other countries, the EU scheme points more to a global issue.” “In both cases, we are suppliers of the two schemes,” he said, before explaining some new mechanisms, such as Carbon at the border, for biofuel exporters, or the “life validity” in which it must be certified that the products they do not come from deforested lands. Viglizzo also highlighted the existence of strong subsidies in the EU (which would “force” the most polluting agricultural production), and another series of controllers that affect trade, such as “green subsidies”, to mitigate emissions, and that many consider a new subsidy from the economically strongest countries. However, he highlighted Carbon (C) as the most important element of the environmental problem, which is measured, up to now, by the C Footprint, and the C Balance. The first only computes “emissions”, which is disadvantageous for Argentina, since the standards are the same for all countries, while the Balance computes emissions, but also carbon capture, and is the one that Argentina works the most on today. More recently, NasaEco 2 emerged, which is a NASA descending orbital system, and which evaluates which countries comply, and which do not, with emission commitments, such as China and the US. Argentina has great advantages, not only with forests, but also with C sinks, which are great sources of capture, such as grazing lands”, he pointed out, which triggered a number of consultations, especially on the proposals of local negotiators in international forums.

… that, while some commented on the success of the 1st of the Open Kitchens (there will be 6), which began at the CCK, with Show Cooking and gastronomic floor reissuing, in part, the previous ones of the Potrero al Plato (INTA), the Routes Alimentarias (of Agriculture), and some other successful private food shows, amalgamating tourism, food and, obviously, culture, synonymous with success in terms of the average Argentine; Others continue to wait for the different levels of authorities to standardize the benefits of the Emergency and/or Agricultural Disaster, which includes the AFIP, the Central Bank, the governments, and also the municipalities, several of which intend to maintain the scheme. tax as if nothing had happened (or was happening).

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