Massa announced measures for poultry and dairy producers

Massa announced measures for poultry and dairy producers

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the Secretary of Agriculture, Juan José Bahilo, announced yesterday the implementation of the Avian Plan, a program that intends to assist poultry producers affected by avian flu. In addition, there was an announcement for the milk producing sector.

The Avian Plan has a $7.500 million fund to assist commercial and backyard poultry producers who had to euthanize animals due to the flu.

The amount of assistance per producer will be determined based on the economic valuation of the categories of domestic birds and products (eggs) made by INTA and the quantities of birds slaughtered and products destroyed.

Dairy Impulse

In an act held in the Navarro district of Buenos Aires, the minister also announced an increase in the price of milk paid to the producer under the Impulso Tambero program, with an increase in the volume of investment “in seven out of ten dairy farms in the Argentina”.

The implementation of the fifth installment of the program has a fund of $2,756 million, will alleviate the situation of milk producers in the face of drought and macroeconomic conditions that impacted the cost of production. In addition, he indicated that the measure implies an increase of “almost $10,000 million in investment.”

In this way, the values ​​are updated to $20 for producers of up to 1,500 liters, and $15 for producers between 1,501 liters and 5,000 liters inclusive.

In addition, the maximum limit per producer or producer will be increased to $800,000 in an extraordinary way for this fee.

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