they work in a basket for neighborhood shops and Chinese supermarkets

they work in a basket for neighborhood shops and Chinese supermarkets

He Government analyzes the incorporation of neighborhood shops to the program Fair prices, with a basket of 40 products basic consumption. From the portfolio they assure that they are working together with the supermarkets for resolve it “as soon as possible”.

sources of the Commerce secretary revealed in Ámbito that “although the sectoral proposal to extend the measure to storekeepers is interesting, it must first be negotiated with companies and wholesalers”. In this line, although there is still “nothing closed”warned that it could be an option and that they are closely following the change in policy.

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The program was launched in November 2022

neighborhood shops

Yolanda Duranpresident of the Business Chamber of Argentine Development and Southeast Asian Countries (CEDEAPSA), said about the request: “We sent a list last Thursday, but so far we had no response. We consider that they are holding meetings with the usual suppliers, so we look forward to news soon.”

As he explained, they expect participation in the program to face increases of 5% in May. “We face a 10 and 12% difference, they charge us anything. We have no way to defend ourselves,” said the executive. And she added: “If we would have reference prices, we could negotiate good values ​​for our sector.”

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Through the application you can verify the compliance of the place

Through the application you can verify the compliance of the place

For his part, Secretary of Commerce Matías Tombolini held a meeting with Durán and Fernando Savore, the head of the Federation of Grocers. Both referents hope that the announcement will be before June and that it will have a federal scope.

Negotiations before the claim

“An issue that complicates the negotiation is that, added to the fact that there are many businesses, there is not a single chamber or entity that groups them,” they considered from Commerce. However, they hope to advance in a basket that would integrate between 40 and 50 products. Among them: milk, coffee, grass, oil, noodles, sugar, flour, soda, jam, cookies, tomato puree, tuna, dulce de leche, cocoa, lactal bread, rice, toilet paper and diapers.

Fair Prices

The list that includes 1,974 products is valid until June of this year. In any case, they assure that it will continue to stand and that “we are working to improve it”.

In detail, the measure sets prices for 120 days, through voluntary agreements with producing and marketing companies. Added to this are supermarkets, wholesale distributors and businesses adhering to the program by province or region.

Source: Ambito

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