Where living is still affordable these days

Where living is still affordable these days
Residential complex in the Welser Ghegastraße

Building and housing have become much more expensive. It is cheaper with the non-profit property developers, who are only allowed to charge the costs, but here too the square meter rents for new buildings including operating costs without heating are often as little as ten euros. The reason for this is the cost of land and construction. Despite everything: The real estate market has many facets. Especially in existing buildings, you can still find cheaper ones in Upper Austria. Below are some specific examples:

  • The non-profit housing association Neue Heimat has renovated 424 apartments on Ferihumerstraße in Linz-Urfahr between the Nibelungen and railway bridges over the years. Near the center you pay an average of 6.93 euros per square meter rent including operating costs without heating.
  • The “Living on the Weidingerbach” project in Linz-Auwiesen by the municipal GWG is a bit more expensive, but still relatively inexpensive and linked to climate-friendly construction. 63 apartments were built on the roof of an existing local supply center. The average rent including operating costs without heating is 9.40 euros per square meter.
  • The state housing cooperative Lawog has built and revitalized a complex with 105 subsidized apartments in Welser Ghegastrasse. The last construction phase was handed over in 2021. There you pay 8.10 euros per square meter including operating costs and parking space, without heating.
  • One variant that can be used with condominiums to reduce initial costs is the building lease model. This is pointed out by the specialist group of real estate trustees. One example is the facility of the commercial property developer Neuwog in Pettenbach: two houses, each with four apartments, which are currently being built. The Kremsmünster Abbey as the landowner has granted building rights for 100 years. The price for buyers is 20,000 to 40,000 euros lower. The building lease interest is 600 to 700 euros per year. The apartments cost between 255,000 (75 square meters) and 305,000 euros (90 square meters). According to Neuwog, four out of eight apartments have already been sold.

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