Melconian predicted what he would do with the rate hike and asked to stop repressing the deficit

Melconian predicted what he would do with the rate hike and asked to stop repressing the deficit

The Economist Carlos Melconian gave his opinion on Monday about the rate hike who applied the Central Bank (BCRA)at the same time that he spoke about the inflation. The former director of Banco Nación also considered that the measures recently announced by the minister Sergio Massa they “repress” the problems that “need to be clarified in the future”.

In radio statements, Melconian questioned the rate hike applied by the BCRA at the beginning of this week. “The announcements complicate instead of contributing,” said the former president of Banco Nación during the administration of Mauricio Macri.

Rate hikes: Carlos Melconian’s forecast

For the former director of Banco Nación during the management of Mauricio Macrithe concern is in the rise in the interest rate because “To contain those who have pesos it is nothing and in terms of the BCRA’s liabilities they continue to throw kerosene on the fire”he assured.

In that sense, Melconian He left a categorical definition of raising rates: “I would put the rate at half, or do you think that whoever wants to lose weight is going to look at the rate at 97%?”he inquired. For this reason, she stated, “the future is that you have to fix the fiscal deficit”.

Consumption Inflation Basic Basket Supermarket

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In dialogue with Radio Rivadavia, the economist stressed: “You need inflation and the interest rate to help you liquefy and another exchange rate”, as measures that should be applied. Then he issued a strong warning: “Everything you repress now you have to clarify later and we are just May 15”he assured.

Inflation: what he said about the measures announced by the Government

Then, he raised a series of questions to the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa, whom he targeted for his “political aspirations”, thinking about the 2023 elections.

For Melconianthe package of measures announced by the Government to attack inflation, complicates the scenario instead of contributing to its solution and pointed to the “dissociation” that exists between the indicators and the pretension of candidacies within the ruling party.

“Here there is no operational clamor. Here what there is is a terrible fear of the transition”Melconian argued. “Is there really someone from the ruling party thinking that they go out on the field and win with these indicators?”challenge.

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In his analysis of the government’s economic direction, he detailed: “If I look GDP, inflation rate, wages and poverty rate, in all four cases they are worse than in 2014, 2017, 2019 and 2021 and much worse. There is a dissociation between economic results and wanting to be a candidate,” he insisted.

“The relationship with the IMF is in a vegetative state”

“The economic plan is get to august. The plan that had started with the objective of stabilizing the instability between August and December 2022, has suffered a knockout impact that is the drought,” he added.

The relationship with the IMF is in a vegetative state. Here the question is who takes the initiative in the ruling party. The measures are to stretch a chewing gum that is hard, “he remarked.

About flirting Massa and his possible candidacy for President, Melconian sentenced: “The minister, or is lacking reflection or is not evaluating well his relationship of results with candidacy”.

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