Focus action on construction: numerous advertisements

Focus action on construction: numerous advertisements
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A total of 386 violations of labor law were found, including more than 190 violations of the Wage and Social Dumping Prevention Act, 85 violations of the provisions of the Social Security Act (undeclared work) and 33 violations of the Foreigners Employment Act, according to the financial police on Wednesday. Of the companies inspected, 66 were unable to provide any records of working hours. Further investigations into organized partial undeclared employment by employees are therefore ongoing. In addition to the focal points of control under labor market law, tax morale was also checked, with a total of around 880,000 euros in due taxes being executed.

“The number and severity of the violations show that concerted control measures will continue to be necessary in order to be able to effectively protect honest companies from this massive distortion of competition,” said Wilfried Lehner, Head of the Financial Police Department in the Anti-Fraud Office, according to a broadcast.

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