YPF raises the price of its fuels by 4%

YPF raises the price of its fuels by 4%

This increase had been agreed upon by the Secretariats of Energy and Commerce last month, when they renewed the Fair Prices agreement with the oil sector.


the oil company YPF confirmed that starting at 8:00 a.m. this Wednesday, May 17, the price of its fuels will increase by an average of 4% throughout the country. In addition, the service chain with the Puma brand also raised prices by 4% from the same date.

This increase had been agreed by the Energy and Commerce secretariats last month, when they renewed the Fair Prices agreement with the oil sector, after rumors of a possible “freeze” in the last few hours.

From that agreement, A guideline of 4% per month was established in the prices of gasoline and diesel from April 15 to August 15, which was signed by the main companies in the sector: YPF, PAE (for the Axion brand), Raízen (Shell ) and Trafigura (Puma).

“We understand that this requires effort from companies, the State is already making an effort to contain prices and anchor inflationary expectations so that this does not have an effect on prices and on people’s pockets,” he said. Flavia Royonthe Secretary of Energy after signing the agreement.

The directors of the companies had been summoned to the Palacio de Hacienda to report the current market situation and for the oil companies to tell what is the delay in prices against import parity. And after that meeting, progress was made with the new increase of 4% average, as had been established in the renewed Fair Prices agreement for the sector.

Gasoline increases: how will prices be?

The price of fuel at YPF service stations in the City of Buenos Aires will be:

  • Super gasoline: $185;
  • Premium gasoline: $235;
  • Common diesel: $197;
  • Premium diesel: $250.

It is that so far this year, fuels increased 18% against inflation in the first quarter of 32% and a devaluation of the peso of 25%, they indicate in the sector.

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