Wages: Bahn and EVG plan three-day negotiations | STERN.de

Wages: Bahn and EVG plan three-day negotiations |  STERN.de

After a canceled warning strike, there is movement in the wage dispute. The group and the union have announced talks.

After a confidential meeting this Wednesday, there are signs of a long round of negotiations in the coming week in Fulda in the wage dispute at Deutsche Bahn. The negotiations “start on Tuesday and are scheduled up to and including Thursday,” said Bahn and the EVG union on Wednesday. So far, the talks were only scheduled for two days. It is the last scheduled collective bargaining round in the ongoing conflict.

Both sides had already met for talks on Wednesday. This “served to prepare for the collective bargaining taking place in Fulda next week,” it said. Nothing was initially known about the exact location of the meeting and concrete content.

In its negotiations with Deutsche Bahn and dozens of other railway companies, the EVG wants to achieve, among other things, 650 euros more per month or 12 percent for upper income earners over a period of 12 months. In addition to an inflation compensation premium, Deutsche Bahn has so far promised percentage increases of a total of 10 percent for lower and middle incomers and 8 percent for upper income earners. The group plans a term of 27 months.

In a comparison before the Frankfurt Labor Court last weekend, the parties to the collective bargaining agreement were able to largely eliminate a sticking point on the subject of the minimum wage. The railway and transport union (EVG) then canceled an announced 50-hour warning strike at short notice.

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