Shortage of skilled workers: skilled trades are missing almost 40,000 trainees

Shortage of skilled workers: skilled trades are missing almost 40,000 trainees

In order to close the gap, it is not enough, according to the president of the craft trades, to rely on skilled workers from abroad – the perspectives of vocational training must also be taught better in schools.

The skilled trades in Germany are struggling with a significant shortage of apprentices. “At the end of April, there were still almost 40,000 open training positions registered with our chambers of crafts,” said Jörg Dittrich, president of the trades department, of the “Rheinische Post”. It is difficult for companies to find enough applicants. “The need is particularly great in the air conditioning professions, for example in heating, sanitary and air conditioning, for electricians, in general in construction, but also in the food or in the craft health professions.”

The Skilled Immigration Act can only help solve the problem, said Dittrich. “We have to concentrate much more on raising the domestic potential for skilled workers. More women must be given the opportunity to work full-time. To do this, we have to do more to make work and children compatible.”

Too many young people drop out of school without a degree, and at grammar schools “it is still the case that the students primarily receive study advice and the perspectives of vocational training do not appear at all,” criticized the ZDH President. According to the microcensus, there are currently around 600,000 people between the ages of 18 and 24 who have left school but have not found a job or started training or studying. “Where have they gone? Politicians urgently need to look more closely here,” Dittrich demanded.

Source: Stern

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