Business round with supermarkets in Mexico to boost exports

Business round with supermarkets in Mexico to boost exports

With the challenge of increasing the income of foreign currency both due to short-term urgency and the need to overcome the external restriction in the medium, the Government seeks to help local companies to win markets abroad. On that train, today and tomorrow the Foreign Ministry will coordinate a round of business with the three main supermarket chains in Mexico, which concentrate around 80% of the market in that country and who came to visit Argentina with the interest of accessing some products manufactured in the country.

The meetings will be held at the San Martín Palace, sponsored by the portfolio led by Santiago Cafiero. There, the Walmart, Soriana and Chedraui chains will hold some 150 meetings with more than 50 Argentine companies from 10 provinces.

The products of interest selected by the Mexican firms are: beef and poultry; beans; lentils; rice; soybean, sunflower and olive oil; milk powder; cheeses; caramel sauce; ice creams; apples; pears; lemons; plums; grapes; cream and butter; frozen potatoes; stuffed pasta; Preserved fruits; and personal hygiene products, such as deodorants, antiperspirants, diapers, and feminine pads.

Walmart is the main supermarket chain in Mexico, with nearly 2,700 branches and 231,259 employees. In 2021, Walmart México y Centroamérica had revenues of US$38,000 million. Soriana has almost 800 self-service stores, 86,562 employees and sales in 2021 that amounted to US$8,000 million. Chedraui owns 339 stores, 62,938 workers and in 2021 its sales reached US$9 billion.

Some of the Argentine companies that will participate in the meetings will be: Algabo, La Quesera- Cassini, Cesaratto, Kleppe, Arcor, Mastellone, Melar, L-Oval, Frutas Sensación, Swift Argentina, Molino Cañuelas, Ava, Cachafaz, Patagonia Infinit, Vegetalex , Mills Río de la Plata, Las Camelias, Moño Azul and Granja Tres Arroyos.

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