It’s scandalous what they did and what happened

It’s scandalous what they did and what happened

“Look at it! What they did and what happened is scandalous,” said the vice president with the video that constitutes a summary of the report. According to the AGN, there were numerous irregularities and warned that due to the magnitude and characteristics of the agreement “it had an adverse impact on the debt structure and its risks.”

Then he published a second video in which he explained: “we could headline “Manganet Chronology”it is detailed how Macri’s officials exchanged roles and functions to commit this scam to all the Argentine people”.

“The signed agreement, of almost 57 billion dollars, turned out to be the most important in the history of Argentina and also in the history of the Fund, representing 127 times the indebtedness capacity of our country”, expressed Francisco Javier Fernández, AGN auditor.

“Due to its magnitude and characteristics, this indebtedness had an adverse impact on the debt structure and its risks,” the AGN said in a press release.

What were the main conclusions?

As reported by the audit, among the main findings, “relevant regulatory breaches were highlighted, such as the lack of authorization of the indebtedness, the omission in the application of the specific processes for multilateral loans, the non-existence of the BCRA opinion on the impact of the operation in the balance of payments and the signing of the Agreement by officials without legal powers to do so”.

In addition, it was warned about “the lack of adequate technical interventions to assess the costs and risks of the operation, the non-existence of an opinion from the Internal Audit Unit, as well as the lack of timely and effective legal advice, highlighting above all the omission of the actions of the Ministry of Finance , which was specifically in charge of public debt management”.

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