Cristina praised Massa, spoke of the dollar and demanded to review the agreement with the IMF

Cristina praised Massa, spoke of the dollar and demanded to review the agreement with the IMF

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner reiterated her criticism of the guidelines of the international organization and its control over the Argentine economy.


In his interview on the program “Duro de Mar” in C5Nthe vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner ratified the need for a renegotiation with the Fund International Monetary Fund (IMF) and defended the economic management of the minister Sergio Massa.

“The main difficulty that Argentine society has today is the question of IMF, but essentially its consequences. There is no ideological or dogmatic position regarding the IMFbut with the consequences of the program that applies and imposes”, he considered.

In addition, he ratified that any government that follows the program of the IMF will receive rejection electorate because “being a financial program and establishing, for example, that the interest rate has to be positive over the devaluation and inflation“.

In this sense, he recalled that “no one talks about the issuance on IMF dollars“and acknowledged that he is concerned about the debt that the central bank because “it is a quasi-fiscal deficit.”

Subsequently, he analyzed that “in a bi-monetary economy like Argentina and with the dizzying indebtedness that the macrismo produced, so that so many dollars entered to make the financial bicycle the rate had to be raised for it to be the business“.

“When the dollars leave, obviously the phenomenon that causes the IMF indebtedness and the shortage of dollars occurs. The shortage of dollars together with the interest rate in Argentina is equal to an inflationary process. There are no mysteries to this,” she analyzed.

He then referred to the management of Sergio Massa: “I think that grabbed a hot potato“. “We are having difficulties because we need to review the agreement with the IMF,” said the vice president, adding that “the agreement of all parties on what to do with the bi-currency economywith the dollars being scarce and who gets the dollars.” “I would sit down with anyone and discuss this.“, he assured.

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