less price and more cost

less price and more cost

…that, “without rain, it is not planted, nor is it sold” was, perhaps, the central phrase that was resounding in the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, where the Federation of Collectors, with the organization of Sema, carried out forward its already traditional Agrotendencias, with the perspectives of the new campaign 23/24, especially, referring to fine grains: wheat and barley, which start the calendar, but the forecasts are not very encouraging. To begin with, the climatologist Eduardo Sierra, raised an eventual scenario of some rain but “perhaps, he said, in much longer dry periods.” To this was added the forecast of a wheat campaign with a smaller area in intention than last year (6.3 million hectares), which now (if the weather is good) would allow reaching 18 million tons, according to calculations. of the Stock Market, but that the private ones tended to see closer to 16 million. And, although this is significantly higher than the 11.5 million tons

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