Accountants claim inequity in the new AFIP tax relief

Accountants claim inequity in the new AFIP tax relief

Before becoming the recently published General Resolution 5,361 regulating the tax relief regime with financing of up to 84 installments, the accountants highlighted that the measure announced by Economy did not contemplate the possibility of reformulating current payment plans, which generated unequal treatment between compliant and non-compliant.

In this context, on 5/17/23, the College of Graduates in Economic Sciences of CABA (CGCE) sent a note to the federal administrator of AFIP, Carlos Castagneto, requesting that the incorporation of the reformulation of “the payment plans that are in force and of normal compliance” be considered.

In the note, the professional body considers that the measure is positive and welcomed by taxpayers, but if the requested possibility is not considered, “those who have breached their obligations due to the economic situation will be in a better position to regularize than those SMEs that, Even in the face of difficulties, they made the effort to comply in a timely manner with the Treasury.”

Professionals in economic sciences emphasize that the The new regime grants better and broader financing conditions and different interests applicable to it.

They emphasize that in this framework of a positive measure such as the one promoted, the incorporation of what is requested by the CGCE will result in equalizing the opportunity to finance or refinance the stock of tax liabilities and the relief will benefit all the actors in the economic process without any discrimination. .

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Along the same lines, the 24 Professional Councils of the country have just joined the petition through a note (5/18/23) sent by the Argentine Federation of Professional Councils in Economic Sciences (FACPCE) that brings them together.

It was also addressed to the federal administrator of AFIP and in which the need for equal treatment is highlighted, taking into account that “all SMEs are going through the same difficulties that have justified the implementation of the new regime of facilities plans and in this context, the Requested inclusion would allow tax relief that allows them a better compliance performance.”

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