They are salaries of US$100 and dollars at $1,900

They are salaries of US$100 and dollars at $1,900

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, rejected the proposal dollarization when holding it points to “salaries of 100 dollars and dollars to 1,900 pesos”and warned that, “ultimately, what comes into debate every time there is an electoral process is “an economy for development versus an economy for speculation.”

Massa spoke at the closing of the BNA Conecta Expo, in which he announced the expansion of the CreAR Inversión Pyme line by $30,000 million, after two lines launched within the framework of the meeting sold out in one hour and seven minutes, respectively .

In this sense, he stressed that “what many call subsidized rates, as if the subsidy were a problem, is a promoted rate”, and clarified that, with this decision, what is done is “raise the rate for those who speculate” but “lower it for those who produce”.

“Last year we put $20,000 million in a line (of credit) with Banco Nación, which ran out; the day before yesterday one of $10,000 million ran out in an hour and another one, also $10,000 million, ran out in seven minutes “, he related, to later add that, “from now on, we put $30,000 million so that all those who want to continue investing do not miss the opportunity.”

The minister had words of praise for Silvina Batakis, president of Banco Nación, who was sitting next to him, noting that “she is one of those who puts her body into difficult times and demonstrated it in a very complex moment”, in reference to the beginning of July 2022, after the resignation of Martín Guzmán.

For this reason, after recalling that Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said that it was he who had to “grab a hot potato”Massa valued that Batakis was “the first to jump on top of the bomb”.

“I am grateful. I am not one of those who are scared when faced with a challenge. In fact, when it was time to grab the hot potato, and many of those who today walk through the television channels talking vainly about candidacies, they got under the bed” , emphasized the head of the Palacio de Hacienda.

The official pointed out that, when he assumed the Ministry, “we stood up, we put our bodies and we took charge. And the truth is that I did not do it personally, I was able to do it because there was a team that allowed us to dream in a country that we had recovered later of a shameful indebtedness and that it could not fall due to a political crisis”.

In this sense, he highlighted: “With the same vocation of dreaming, we are going to continue working, without thinking about personal places but from the collective dream. No matter what place we touch, we are here to put our shoulders, we are here to work with generosity, humility and team spirit”.

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