Retail: Lidl boss believes in agreement with Haribo

Retail: Lidl boss believes in agreement with Haribo

Lidl customers are currently looking in vain for Haribo products on the shelf. The reason is price negotiations. However, the Lidl boss is confident.

Lidl Germany boss Christian Härtnagel is optimistic that the discounter will soon have Haribo products in their range again. “Customers don’t want to do without their favorite products, and for some this includes sweets from Haribo,” Härtnagel told the “Bild” on Saturday. Lidl only wants to sell products “at a reasonable price”, said Härtnagel. “This has been successful for many brands. We are still in negotiations with Haribo and have not been able to reach an agreement so far. But I am confident that we can do it.”

Again and again there are such disputes between dealers and manufacturers. It was recently announced that Edeka was no longer supplied by more than a dozen companies.

Source: Stern

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