lemon company had to pay US$1 million as insurance to export again

lemon company had to pay US$1 million as insurance to export again

The company did not respond to the summons for failing to comply with the due settlement of foreign currency resulting from its sales abroad.

The company trapani should have paid a surety insurance of US$1 million to operate in foreign trade. This was because it had previously been suspended from the Customs registry of importers and exporters by breach the due foreign exchange settlement product of his sales abroad, for which he had to pay to recover his authorization.

“The measure sets a valuable precedent to guarantee both the good foreign trade practices as due foreign exchange income from exports of products and services“, highlighted the organization of the AFIP.


Trapani is a family business founded in 1937 Dedicated to citrus production, being the fresh lemon and its derivatives, its main products. With fields in the north, they have positioned themselves as one of the main suppliers of citrus in the southern hemisphere.

Why had the company been suspended?

The company dedicated to the cultivation, industrialization and export of citrus, had been summoned in January of this year, within the framework of the General Instruction 07/2022 of the Customsbecause he had been expiration of the term to liquidate currencies. These were related to exports made by the firm, from dehydrated lemon peels to Germany and fresh lemons to Russia. According to Customs, the amount owed was approximately u$s 950 thousand.


By not responding to the summons, the General Directorate of Customs suspended the company from register of importers and exporters in the terms of Article 97 of the Customs Code.

Given the inhibition to operate in foreign trade, the firm had to guarantee the lack of foreign currency income through surety insurance policies for a value of $1 million. Once the payment is made, the Customs arranged the lifting the suspension of the importer/exporter registrationaccording to what is established by the Article 1.123 of the Customs Code.

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