Broadband: Where will it be expanded and when?

Broadband: Where will it be expanded and when?
Broadband expansion in remote settlements is underway.
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The revised broadbandatlas.gv.at wants to give a detailed overview of the broadband infrastructure. There is detailed information for individual districts for the landline network, mobile network and the status of the funded expansion, including the application number of the funding recipient.

In addition to showing the current fixed and mobile broadband availability, the broadband atlas also shows all those areas in which subsidized expansion is taking place, and the planned completion date is also mentioned.

“So far we have invested almost 1.4 billion euros in this government period. In this context, the broadband atlas also ensures transparency for all taxpayers, who have a right to know how their tax money is being used,” said Finance Minister Magnus Brunner in a press release quoted.

User-friendliness has been improved: Availability and transmission speed – for example in the event of an intended change of provider – are listed. If you move house, you can enter the address to see which network provider offers which technology with which download or upload speeds.

“The update of the broadband atlas is a good example of digitization with benefits. With just a few clicks, you can determine what the stationary and mobile Internet supply is like at home or at work and which provider offers which technology at what speed essential information and a useful service for citizens when looking for the best Internet or mobile phone provider,” said State Secretary Florian Tursky.

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