Lion’s Den: Students impress with self-cooling party cups

Lion’s Den: Students impress with self-cooling party cups

The lions discover their drinking game heart – and invest in self-cooling beer pong cups. Two brothers and a power woman are also successful. And then suddenly there is a horse in the “Lion’s Den” studio.

Who would have thought that in the “Lion’s Den” investors could be enthralled with young people’s drinking games? The founders of did that succeed. The three students Raul Seidenfuss, Felix Kruse and Frederic Redmann convinced the lions in the start-up show with their self-cooling party cups and were able to secure a deal with Ralf Dümmel and Carsten Maschmeyer.

In order to make the benefits of their invention clear to the older gentlemen sitting in the investors’ chairs, the party-loving 20-year-olds set up a beer pong table in the TV studio. In beer pong, table tennis balls have to be thrown into filled beer mugs and the opponent has to be made to drink. But of course the Frats mugs, whose double wall contains a cooling liquid, can also be used at garden parties or other boozy occasions.

Although no alcohol flows during beer pong training in the TV studio, the lions’ wallets are easy afterwards. A kind of competition ensues among investors to see who’s cool enough to do business with the party students. Tillman Schulz, 33 years (“We are young good guys”) and Nils Glagau, 47 (“We are well on the way in your world”) try to serve as a chummy youth duo under the lions.

But the old hands Dümmel, 56, and Maschmeyer, 64, counter the age card in a calm way. Dümmel refers to his “awesome young team that understands how to do social media” and Maschmeyer promises that he can also “get a lot of influencers”. Ultimately, the founding trio decided on the 125,000 euro offer from Team Maschmeyer/Dümmel.

A horse in the “Lion’s Den”

The start-up Lovelstar, which wants to protect riders from traffic accidents at dusk, puts on an animal performance. The founders brought their own stallion Torro to demonstrate the functionality of their stirrup LED. Horse and founder collect a lot of sympathy points. But things get shaky when it comes to the business plan and the patent issue. Torro drops some more horse droppings, then the Lovelstar team exits the lion’s den with no deal.

Lynes’ pitch has a happier ending. The founding brothers Tobias and Sven Hubbes have developed an app that tracks bus and train journeys. Anyone who has collected enough climate-friendly bonus miles will be rewarded with vouchers and discounts in online shops and with other partners. The founders sold their concept so persistently that Nils Glagau agreed to invest 180,000 euros.

Deal for Häppysnäx

Power woman Marina Herter is also convincing on a personal level with her idea . Born in Ukraine, she remembered the air-dried fruits of her childhood and, with her dried fruit rolls, offers a vitamin-rich alternative to industrial gummy bears. Dagmar Wöhrl and Tillman Schulz prevail over Ralf Dümmel with their offer and become partners in Häppysnäx.

Finally, a little sport: The personal trainers Raphael Schneider and Toni Hackmann, who are also successful on YouTube as “Strong und Flex”, want to sell a piece of seating furniture with Paleo Movement that enables healthier and more flexible sitting. The investors do gymnastics like straddle, heel and cross-legged. However, because it is questionable how many of the chair-cushion combinations can be sold to whom and some financial figures also remain unclear, none of the investors has made it through to the deal.

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