690 Ukrainians with free access to the labor market

690 Ukrainians with free access to the labor market
A Ukrainian at a meeting of compatriots in Linz
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

The labor market service in Upper Austria is promoting the placement of Ukrainian refugees. After the abolition of the obligation to obtain a work permit, companies can now hire people who have been displaced from the Ukraine without a special permit. “These 690 displaced persons are job-ready,” said AMS state manager Iris Schmidt. Another 600 people are currently taking German courses and will soon be available for the job market.

The proportion of women among Ukrainians in Upper Austria is 77 percent, around half have a maximum of compulsory schooling and around a quarter have a university degree. “But a lack of specialist knowledge can be eliminated through a job-related qualification (AQUA) funded by the AMS Upper Austria and the state of Upper Austria. Job-seeking Ukrainians will appear in the unemployment statistics from now on. We expect that the unemployment rate will increase by 0.1 percentage points as a result.” , according to Schmidt.

According to an analysis by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Comparisons (wiiw), Ukrainians in Austria are mainly employed in the low-wage sector, primarily in gastronomy, hotels, retail and building cleaning, with a large proportion being overqualified. 95,000 Ukrainians fled to Austria (as of the end of March), the number of working Ukrainians has more than doubled within a year to 14,157 (February).

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