the minimum wage for agricultural workers will start at $100,000

the minimum wage for agricultural workers will start at $100,000

For him staff dedicated to the tasks of the yerbatera activity of Misiones, and of the departments of Ituzaingó and Santo Tomé, a salary of $100,142 was established for this month for the general laborer, which amounts to $110,158 in the case of the court foreman, which will have successive increases in June, August and September, which will take them to a range of between $160,227 to $176,253, respectively.

The regulations also specify the remuneration of other related tasks, such as those carried out in dryers and warehouses, as well as baggers, assistants, maintenance personnel, and the specific cases of high-density plantations and mechanized harvesting. .

Besides, an additional stimulus is established for the tarefero worker consisting of a productivity supplement of 6%, and a prize for perfect attendance for workers in dryers or warehouses of 8% of their remunerations.

On the other hand, with regard to the tea industry in the same jurisdictions, the general laborer will receive a salary of $110,398.27 this month and in June -together with a non-remunerative allowance of $22,079.65-, which will rise in next November at $176,637.22.

As in the yerbatero sector, the amounts are higher in the case of qualified personnel such as harvester drivers, foremen and machete workers. An additional fee is also set for punctuality and attendance that will reach $5,246.19 in October.

In the case of the citrus activity, three increases were established in March, June and August, which will imply from that last month a guaranteed minimum wage of $5,035.61, and a salary of $146,132.11 for the general laborer.

In May, the economic benefit for unemployment for rural workers had been raised to $2,333 in the case of the minimum amount and $4,665 the maximum.

In May, the economic benefit for unemployment for rural workers had been raised to $2,333 in the case of the minimum amount and $4,665 the maximum.

For the forestry activity in Misiones, the laborer’s salary will be $145,350.86, which, after the increases in June and September, will reach $178,893.36, with additional presenteeism for the value of 2 wages for workers who attend a minimum of 22 wages per month.

Salaries for workers in Córdoba

In the case of floriculture and nurseries, the minimum that the unskilled worker will receive will be $217,633.99 from August, which will rise to $279,218.57 for those in charge, also setting an additional 10% proportional for presenteeism to days worked.

For potato harvesters, increases were established for the current month of May, June, July and August, with variable remuneration depending on the task. As a reference, the wages of the harvest personnel will be, in August, $8,311.29, with a guaranteed monthly salary for temporary personnel of $188,902.09.

Those who perform, on the other hand, in the activity of cattle drives and auctions at the fair they will have the same scale of increases, with a guaranteed minimum wage that will be $15,261.66 from August.

Finally, the staff of the vegetable washers will have a monthly salary from this month of $184,935.42 in the case of the general laborer, which in August will reach $218,963.53.

In all cases, the members of the National Commission will meet again, depending on the case, between next October and November to analyze the possible variations that could have affected the salary scales ?which, for the most part, apply until March or April 2024- and if any adjustments are necessary.

The National Agrarian Labor Commission is made up of representatives of the ministries of Economy and Labor, of employers’ organizations, and of the Uatre, on behalf of the workers.

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