By 2030, exports are estimated at US$32,000 million

By 2030, exports are estimated at US$32,000 million

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massavisited the exhibition ArMinera in La Rural and highlighted the mining potential of the country.

What is the importance of mining in Argentina?he consulted Ambit. “It seems to me that he is one of the three big players in the Argentine economy in the next 10 years. I have no doubt that, just like today, Argentina has a huge dependence on the agricultural or agro-industrial sector when it comes to looking at its exports, in the next 5 years energy, mining and obviously agro-industry are going to be 3 of the 4 great pillars” , responded to the query of this medium.

Massa assured that for the next few years “we have to generate all the conditions and all the facilities for this sector to continue growing because we are risking a piece of the future of Argentina based on the development of this sector.”

Upon entering the fair, he was received by the president of the Argentine Chamber of Mining Entrepreneurs (CAEM), Franco Mignacco.

The minister toured the fair accompanied by the Ministry of Mining of the Nation, Fernanda Avilathe Secretary of Industry, Jose Ignacio de Mendiguren, the Secretary of Commerce, Matthias Tombolini, and directors of CAEM, organizer of the meeting. “The truth is that all the prospects are good, we have just been with a project that starts today, from here, with an investment of 1,000 million dollars. Think of the size at a time when the country needs exports , because the drought showed that when you have only one wheel to push the economy, sometimes you have difficulties,” he said.

Projections for 2023

When asked about the projections for 2030, for example, in mining exports, he said: “Not only our projections, The projection at a global level is that Argentina by 2030 will become the second world exporter of lithiumobviously driven centrally by copper and lithium, but we aspire to that volume that some estimate at 32,000 million dollars of exports by 2030,” he predicted.

During the fleeting tour, the minister visited the stands of Minera EXAR, which is in charge of the project announced by Massa and which in June will export the first 100 tons of lithium to China, YPF, BHP and San Blas cranes, among others. In between, he greeted mining workers and took selfies with visitors.

On the ongoing gold and copper projects, which are delayed due to lack of dollars, Massa added: “In reality, the most serious problem, or the fundamental problem to be solved in Argentina, has to do with going one step further and building a refining process so that we are not exporters”.

Source: Ambito

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