“last generation”: Sixt makes fun of climate activists

“last generation”: Sixt makes fun of climate activists

Activists of the “last generation” Among other things, they used rental cars from Sixt to block traffic in Berlin. The rental car company reacts with humorous advertising – but at the same time finds clear words.

Cars are one of the world’s natural enemies “last generation”. The climate protection activists now block traffic almost every day by sticking themselves to the streets. Most recently, some activists on the A100 city motorway in Berlin even stuck to rental cars that they had rented especially for this purpose – including cars from the rental car company Sixt.

And since the company is known for always responding to current events on social media and in its advertisements, it is not surprising that Sixt also uses the so-called “climate glue” takes on the shovel. With social media posts praising an e-car, the company from near Munich takes up the actions of the “last generation” Relation. “Sticks to the street. And nobody cares”, the car rental company writes. In the accompanying text, the word “All Purpose Adhesive” crossed out and through “all-rounder” replaced.

Berlin: An activist from the last generation tries to climb onto a police car during a demonstration.

See the video: stern reporters filmed it “last generation” in preparing for their protests in April and accompanied the demonstrators to the government district in Berlin.

Source: Stern

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