What will the minister’s agenda be like?

What will the minister’s agenda be like?

The minister of Economy, Sergio Massawill travel in the next few days to china with an agenda that will include bilateral meetings and with BRICS authorities. The owner of the palace Tax authorities invited the deputy maximum kirchner to be part of the delegation.

According to Ámbito, the official was invited to travel to China to participate in a meeting of the New Development Bank (NBD), bank of the BRICS, where the possibility of modifying one of the articles of the financial entity will be analyzed with the aim of allowing it to move forward with the commitment assumed by the president Lula da Silva with the president Alberto Fernandez to finance Brazilian imports.

The invitation was made by the Chinese ambassador, Zou Xiaoli. The BRICS bank’s board summit will take place on May 30-31 at the headquarters of the New Development Bank in the city of Shanghai.

This is the eighth annual meeting of the bank of BRICS which will bring together the finance ministers of the member countries, representatives of national governments and international organizations, bankers, business leaders and representatives of civil society organizations.

The minister’s goal is to make the NBD function as a financial guarantor of imports from Brazil to avoid using BCRA reserves.

The invitation letter received by Massa, signed by rousseff and by the Chinese Finance Minister, kun liu, states that world development is facing increasing challenges “such as weakening economic growth, increased volatility in financial markets, the intensification of geopolitical tensions, the fragmentation of trade networks and deteriorating climate prospects The world is undergoing great changes that have not been seen for a century.”

Massa analyzed the progress of energy projects, transport and regional economies

Economy Minister Sergio Massa discussed progress on energy, transportation and regional economy projects on Thursday with Transportation Minister Diego Giuliano and part of his economic cabinet in a meeting at the Palacio de Hacienda.


“We held a meeting to jointly plan advances in energy, transportation and regional economies with Minister Diego Giuliano; Secretary (of Energy) Flavia Royon; Secretaries (of Commerce) Matias Tombolini and (of International Economic Relations) Jorge Neme ; and the adviser on International Relations, Gustavo Pandiani”, informed the minister through a message, accompanied by a photo, on his Twitter account.

Last week, Royon announced that the hydrogen bill is ready, which contemplates energy production with “a transversal perspective, it is not only hydrogen, but also natural gas, the LNG project, renewable energies, nuclear energy and also the mining sector”.

Source: Ambito

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