Vegan cooking apprenticeship? “That limits career opportunities”

Vegan cooking apprenticeship? “That limits career opportunities”
Gerold Royda
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There is a lack of skilled workers in the catering trade. To counteract this, there should be training as a vegan or vegetarian cook: It is said that this form of training could make the cooking profession more attractive for young people again. As reported, the Green Economy has submitted a corresponding application to the committee of the nationwide Gastronomy Association of the Chamber of Commerce. In principle, he gave his consent – ​​with the condition that missing documents be provided.

“Creating a lesson is very difficult. Standardized training is required”says Gerold Royda, chairman of the hotel industry group in the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce and education officer for restaurateurs and hoteliers: The specifications would range from standardized recipes across Austria to operational structures and an equipment list to the final apprenticeship exam: “None of this is available from the vegan cook so far.” For comparison: It took five years to design the apprenticeship to become a hotel and restaurant specialist.

A vocational school location and at least 25 apprentices per course are also required. There are currently around 100 vegan restaurants. Vegetarian cuisine is part of the cooking training: “A vegan chef should never work in a restaurant that serves meat. That totally limits my career opportunities.”

In order to train apprentice cooks, restaurants must offer local cuisine: Some of the dishes are also specifically listed in the job description, for example the preparation of offal, fish or special soups such as oxtail soup is part of the training.

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