which workers will receive increases and bonuses in June 2023, the month of the Christmas bonus

which workers will receive increases and bonuses in June 2023, the month of the Christmas bonus


The Banking Association (AB) and the four business chambers of the activity agreed on a salary increase of 66% retroactive to last January and until next July. Thus, as of June, the salary of a bank will increase by 11.9% to reach a total increase of 56%. The minimum salary will become $374,279.49. In July, another 10 points will be added, to total a total salary increase of 66% and bringing the bank salary floor to $398,271.76.

In turn, the bonus for Banking Day, in November, for an entry-level worker will be $342,663.54.

trade clerks

This month the employees of the Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (FAECyS) will receive the last agreed salary increase in addition to the second tranche of the $25,000 bonus. Thus, the amount to be collected in June is 6.5% and the last bonus is $12,500. Negotiations will resume in July to establish future increases, depending on the general advance in prices.

The agreement covers the Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (FAECyS), the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CAC), the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) and the Union of Argentine Commercial Entities (UDECA).

state employees

The state-owned companies of the Province of Buenos Aires agreed in May with Axel Kiciloff to advance the parity and start negotiations next month. In this way, the 14% quota agreed for July to be collected in August is brought forward and added to the 6% quota that was granted in May to be collected in June. This makes a 20% increase to be collected in June, which accumulates in the year a salary increase of 40%.

Meanwhile, the national state companies began talks with the Government to face the salary discussions that will be defined next week. According to the InfoGremiales portal, the formal call for state officials to start the 2023 parity would take place next week, before the end of May. The objective is that an increase can be made in June and that it impacts the collection of salaries together with the Christmas bonus.

For their part, the state employees of the City of Buenos Aires have scheduled a 10% salary increase as of June 1. From the Single Union of State Workers of the City of Buenos Aires (SUTECBA) they highlighted that the salary agreement implies a 60% growth in different concepts.

On the one hand, there will be an increase in additional ones, including seniority. In turn, to unsanitary, risky and painful task, an additional 10% will be added, on top of what was stated in the previous point.


Education agreed to a new salary increase for teachers and non-teachers of national universities. An increase was achieved that is added to the anticipated advance, which is why with the assets receivable this month they will have a 9% total increase.

A new meeting of the salary review commission was also set for June 9, and it was agreed to call a meeting of the work commission on earnings.

Construction Workers

The Construction Workers’ Union of the Argentine Republic (UOCRA), led by Gerardo Martínez, and the business chambers that bring together the firms in the sector will activate the last tranche of the 2023 22% parity increase in June. It should be remembered that the 2023 joint agreement was divided into three sections: first, an increase of 10% was applied for April, then 8% in May and now it is the turn to add 4% in the sixth month of the year. This increase will be applied to the basic salaries in force as of March 31, 2022 while awaiting the call of a new plenary to advance in its review.


The oil workers agreed with the Chamber of Hydrocarbons Production Companies (CEPH) and the Chamber of Special Services (CEOPE) an increase of 23% for the April-June quarter. The increase, which was divided into tranches, was already charged at 11% in May and the second will now be charged in June and will be 12%. The objective will be to meet in the second half of June to review the evolution of prices.


The Federation agreed with the providers of health services, clinics, sanatoriums and hospitals a salary increase of 50% for six months (April-September). The rise will be financed with increases in private medicine fees, that is, it will directly impact, and from June, on the cost of prepaid. The salary increase will be 8% in June.

Domestic workers

This month governs the last tranche of the 27% increase agreed by the National Commission for Work in Private Houses for the minimum wages of workers who perform domestic tasks. This is the last tranche of the three installments that began to be paid in April.

Employers with monthly workers must pay between the last days of May and the first days of June 7% corresponding to the second tranche, which has been in force since May. The increases are calculated on the salaries of March 2023. A review was also established to assess the progress of inflation, which will take place on July 25.

Plastic industry workers

The Union of Plastic Workers and Employees (UOYEP) agreed days ago to an increase for workers in the activity, establishing a salary scale set from May to October 2023 in addition to a bonus. In June, workers will receive a fixed non-remunerative sum of $55,000.


Workers in the workshop and cleaning sector will receive the first installment of salary increase agreed upon by the union of the sector and the employers in May to collect in June. It is a 10% increase this month and a 20% increase in July in terms of salary adjustment for the first quarter of the parity year.

With the increases of the current month, the salary for the master worker will reach $142,129 pesos, according to the new salary scales published by the Union of Master Workers of the Argentine Republic (SOMRA).


Although there was no reopening of parities, the union led by Hugo Moyano achieved some improvements for its workers in mid-May that will allow it to extend the parity to October. The Truckers union agreed to an additional payment for drivers, which determines that company workers have care spaces for minors between 45 days and 3 years old and are in charge of that worker.

Likewise, truckers will receive a non-remunerative amount as reimbursement for childcare expenses.

It is estimated that this amount will be approximately 40% of the monthly salary corresponding to the category Assistance and Care for People with Domestic Service retirement, which is currently equivalent to about 40 thousand pesos per month.

meat workers

The Federation of Meat and Derivatives Industry Staff, led by Alberto Fantini, and the business chambers of the activity agreed to pay workers 10% in June within the framework of the joint agreement. Then it will continue an increase of 12% in July and 13% in September.


In mid-April, the merchants agreed to a 19.5% salary increase in three non-cumulative tranches. For the month of June, they will charge the last tranche, which will be 6.5% in June. In this way, the reopening of parities is enabled for this month.


The Argentine Federation and Union of Bakery and Related Personnel (FAUPPA) agreed to raise the basic level until October. Thus, this month the salary will rise to $166,982, and that of August to $185,034. In October that basic will be at $203,086 and the joint discussion will begin again.

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