Has the ability to harmonize different interests

Has the ability to harmonize different interests

The Secretary of Industry and Productive Development of the Nation, José Ignacio “Vasco” de Mendiguren, supported this Sunday a possible presidential candidacy of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa. “Sergio has shown that he has a lot of capacity, knowledge, relationship, and also the ability to harmonize different interests,” he said.

Mendiguren pointed out that, in the global geopolitical context, today “it is necessary to have the ability to interpret both the American Secretary of State (NdR: USA), and to be able to sit down with the Chinese” and also, simultaneously, “work with the workers in Argentina”, something that, in his opinion, Massa “has shown that he has a lot of capacity, knowledge.”

In dialogue with the program “Más de lo Esperado” of Radio Continental, he expressed that “for the moment that Argentina is living, where you have to be simultaneously resolving different types of fronts and in all of them fighting against the best on the other side, I think it is a very qualified person for that”.

When asked about a possible formula between the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedroand Massa, The Secretary of Industry announced that first the Renovation Front must decide whether or not to continue within the Frente de Todos. This will be next June 10. “We, as the Renovation Front, have called a congress for next month on the 10th. There we will define the way in which we are going to continue integrating this front,” he explained.

In any case, he stressed the importance of a party that bets on industry and production and not on “financial speculation, which leads all Argentines to insolvency,” continue to govern in Argentina.

Regarding the problems to be faced, he did not hesitate to point out the rise in prices. “With the inflation what happens is that the money is not enough for the one who is working. This is the problem we have to solve,” he said, although he recalled that in the Juntos por el Cambio government, where there was also inflation, the recipes to reduce it caused job destruction. “Today we can sustain jobs in the 24 provinces . And in 23, in the last two years private employment has grown,” he added.

In addition, he explained that “the industry has 32 consecutive months of growth in employment” and pointed out that there was also an increase in investment, compared to the previous government: “Today we are at 17.4% investment, the highest in the last 8 years.”

Following this line, he affirmed that the country is on the eve of “a moment of development like we have never had in history” but in order not to miss the train it is necessary “have a common project. Knowing that with gas we want to have the most important petrochemical hub in the southern hemisphere, not just export gas. With lithium, having the line of batteries to produce for the entire electromobility in the region, etc. I am very optimistic regarding this near future of Argentina”.

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