how much will it be in june and july

how much will it be in june and july

The Government made official the increase that health plans will have in the sixth and seventh month of this year according to the sector’s cost index and wages.

In June, prepaid medical plans will rise 5.5% for all affiliates, while the increase in the July fee will be 8.5%.

This time, the increase will be the same for all users because the possibility of putting a cap according to the evolution of salaries will not be possible since 90% of the Ripte index is taken, which reached 8.78%.

On the other hand, the health cost index published this Wednesday was the highest so far in 2023. The previous ones were 8.21% in February; 7.66% in March; 2.36% in April; 4.76% in May; and finally 5.49% that will be reflected in the next June installments. The cumulative rise in the year is 40%.

It should be noted that those affiliates with net income below six minimum wages (it stands at $507,072) can request that a lower percentage increase in dues be applied to them. For these users, the adjustment formula is different and is equivalent to 90% of the evolution of wages by the Ripte index.

For those who are registered in the registry that seeks to put a cap on the increases with respect to wages. They had the following increases: 4.91% in February; 5.04% in March; 2.36% in April; 3.43% in May; and 5.49% in June. This gives a accumulated increase in the year of 31.5%.

It is estimated that in Argentina, private medicine companies have some 6 million affiliates, of which 4.5 million derive their contributions through union social works.

Source: Ambito

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