Despite the record of drilling, the limitations to import are worrying

Despite the record of drilling, the limitations to import are worrying

The numbers for last May reflect a 12% increase compared to April, since there are 1,308 fracture stages compared to the 1,168 in April. However, from the oil sector they warn that the dollar stocks and the lack of approval of the imports of spare parts and equipmentnot only slows the pace of progress, but also threatens to generate stop.

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Luciano Fucellocountry manager of NCS Multistage, indicated before the consultation of Noticias Argentinas that although Vaca Muerta is advancingdoes so at a rate that does not externalize the full potential. “Based on projections of the end of 2022 of the companies, they should be in 1,400 fracture stages per month and they are still a little lower,” he explained.

Evacuation bottleneck

One of the limitations set by Fucello is the evacuation of production: “The pipes that take oil and gas out of Neuquén are full”he explained. The recent launch of the Trasandino pipeline and the imminent Nestor Kirchner pipeline they will solve this bottleneck and will serve as an incentive for companies to fill the availability of the new infrastructure. It is estimated that the Gas Pipeline will increase the evacuation of gas and oil by 10%.

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The problem of imports

The other limitation is the macroeconomic context and the clamp on imports. In the very short term, imports are a real problem. “The activity has not yet been affected to a great extent, because at the beginning of the year all the companies in the sector did their homework and planned stocks. In March some SIRAS (Sistema de Importaciones de la República Argentina) were released based on that planning and the industry was able to supply for a few months, but today that stock is running out and the SIRAS are approved by drops”Fucello explains.

“This is evidenced by the lack of some small spare parts such as valves or pistons. situation of great uncertainty. Many of the things that break are fixed with what can be done, this is a very intensive industry that has a lot of wear and tear and that leads to precarious operations. It is very difficult to think that it will reach October with the stock that there is”alert.

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Medium-term projection

Regarding the medium term and a more significant increase in production, explains that the limitation in principle are the fracture sets. “Currently there eight fracture setsWhat are the high pressure equipment that end up fracturing and finishing the wells and this impacts the production of Vaca Muerta. there are eight at full capacity”he pointed.

The importation of drilling equipment and fracture sets it already requires other more in-depth solutions. The investment numbers are much more important and will require solutions not only for import, but also for access to credit and investment of companies.

However, and in a more optimistic tone, he tells what is the general feeling in the medium and long term: “Vaca Muerta is resistant to everything, although we see that it is not going at the pace that we would like. It is more a matter of speed of growth. Growth is assured”he claimed.

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